What is Lumicom?

Lumicom is a not for profit producer compliance scheme, created by a forerunner of the Lighting Industry Association to help producers, selling into the non-household market, meet their obligations under the WEEE Regulations.

The primary obligation of producers is to ensure environmentally sound disposal of those WEEE products for which they are responsible, more specifically to provide for the cost of:

  • Treatment
  • Recovery

Meeting these obligations via membership of Lumicom has several advantages:

  • Lumicom is a part of the Lighting Industry Association whose motivation is to serve the producers of lighting equipment, keeping their interests firmly in mind. It is not a front for the waste management industry or other vested interests. Its Board for example is appointed by the Lighting Industry Association.
  • For more information on other services offered by the Lighting Industry Association visit www.thelia.org.uk.
  • Lumicom actually facilitates the recycling of luminaires.
  • This means that your client can be reassured that his policy on sustainability remains intact with the disposal audit leading all the way to an AATF depot. In addition he does not have to provide for the financial cost of recycling neither the luminaires that have been replaced nor the new ones, when eventually they come up for replacement.
  • Lumicom along with the Lighting Industry Association will keep you informed of changes in the WEEE Regulations and kindred environmental legislation.
  • Lumicom is imbued with the culture of the lighting industry and is sensitive to the need to protect your client’s environmental interests.
  • Lumicom will do its best to minimise the impact of the WEEE Regulations upon you by explaining and guiding you as to the best means of compliance.

Although it specialises in lighting equipment, as long as you operate in a business to business (B2B) environment, Lumicom can help you and is more than willing to send along a member of staff to explain your WEEE obligations to you